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Apple releases new iPad

Apple does it again! They released their new computer tablet called the iPad. The iPad looks like a giant iPhone/iPod Touch. It appears to have a lot of those same capabilities plus much more. Comes w/ Safari, Mail, iphoto, video, youtube, ipod, iTunes, maps JUST to name a FEW. I’m most excited about the iBook [...]

Robert Pattinson to star in next Spiderman movie?

Not sure if it’s true or not but I was told that Rob Pattinson might be our next friendly neighborhood spiderman… It might just be a rumor going around though. I’d definitely be interesting in seeing it! I’m a fan of the past spiderman movies and I’m a fan of Rob Pattinson soo…. Has anyone [...]

Afraid of going bald?

Does hair-loss run in the family? Do you notice your hair thinning? Maybe Botox is for you! Yes, I said botox! haha Apparantly botox can be used not only for your wrinkles but also for your hair! Who would’ve thought?! Check out the complete article below for more details!|main|dl8|link5|

new site coming…

**Occupational Therapy expert to share advice on** is expected to be the best site for information on occupational therapy. Check the site soon for updates! will give you the latest on this new site.