tres cute

Ooh La La!

I’ve been a fan of Ooh La La for years now. Their store in Long Beach, NY carries great finds that you typically won’t find anywhere else. I love shopping there because I feel like I’m buying something unique and special. They carry the type of things that people will stop you in the street [...]

SHOUT OUT for today

It’s nice to give shout outs.. makes people aware of things that maybe they had no clue existed. Today I’d like to give a shout out to… Why? Because 1) It’s a great domain 2) It’s going to be the next big site for bloggers and you should be a part of it 3) [...]

iPhone got a boo boo?

Ladies and Gents, there are now band-aids for the new iPhone! It obviously started out as a joke but now it’s they’re actually being sold to customers! These band-aids are helping the reception problem and people are buying them like crazy. Kudos to the creators of this “fix”. Now my question to you is, are [...]


They’re classic, vintage and they’re totally tres cute! I know hats aren’t meant for everyone, but you should at least give Fedoras a try. Fedoras can be worn by both men and women. Back in the day, they were only worn by the guys but now, times have changed and the ladies are rocking the [...]

Some Things That are HOT Now

Have you ventured into the military style of clothing? Well, it’s hot right now! I’m not all about trying every new trend but this is one that I might get into. Check out the link below from for some photos of these military style looks such as dresses, jackets, and pants. Other things [...]

Two great summer scents

Two great summer scents Bright Crystal by Versace Envy Me by Gucci Unlike most girls I know, I’m not a “vanilla” fan. I prefer light scents that can be described as floral or clean. While I can appreciate more “woodsy” and “mature” scents, I really like perfumes that make me feel flirty, girly and sexy. [...]

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Yes, most of know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun, but when it comes to protecting our eyes, some people forget. Wearing the right sunglasses is a key way to not only look good but also to helping you see better on a sunny day. I don’t know about you, but driving [...]

Makes My Eyes POP

Time to give props again to Lancome! Last time I wrote about them, I was telling you about their Oscillation Mascara. Today, it’s about the eyes again but this time it’s their eyeshadow! This is my favorite eyeshadow compact at the moment! It’s called Color Design and it’s being sold for a limited time. [...]

Website Shout Out

Haven’t done one of my website shout outs in a while. I need to do this more regularly! A big shout out goes out to… drum roll please. hooks users up with really great deals. I just bought a groupon (coupon) and saved lots of money! It gets better – if you refer [...]

Alex and Ani

I’m loving Alex and Ani bracelets! They’re eco-friendly and super stylish. I have a small wrist and sometimes it’s hard to find a bracelet that fits right – NOT a problem with Alex and Ani’s bracelets! You can adjust the size so that it can fit on you. – – – PERFECT I started my [...]