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Have you bought a snood yet? Snoods (also known as the infinity scarf) are the latest craze in fashion and many retailers are selling them. You might be asking, ‘What is a snood?’ A snood is a scarf that’s a full circle and depending on the snood, you can wear it as a hood or [...]


Looks like is getting some competition. It’s not the same concept but still pretty cool. is offering members great deals on a variety of items – clothing, beauty items, etc. Like Groupon, the deals expire, but they don’t require a minimum number of members to purchase in order for the deal to be [...]

Fall Bags

I’ve been looking for a new handbag for the fall. I want something with a wow factor (of course). Here are some bags that I’ve come across during my shopping journey. What do you think? Any suggestions? Coach Mia Collection new MIA EMBOSSED OP ART LEATHER TOTE – in brass/mahogony $358.00 Madison Maggie – in [...]

Pandora – not the music station

Have you heard of Pandora? No, not the music website (even though I’m a HUGE fan). I’m talking about Pandora jewelry! If you haven’t, you need to go online or go to your local Pandora store. They are most known for their charm bracelets. Charm bracelets were very popular “back in the day” but [...]

Little White Dresser

Time for another shout out! Who’s on Etsy? Many many people are buying and selling on Etsy these days. The competition is great out there to make a name for yourself. Everyone wants to get noticed but in a sea of people sometimes it’s hard. I’d like to shine a spotlight on Little White Dresser. [...]

Belt up!

Are you a belt wearer? You either are or you’re not. Why not try it?! The fall season will be here before you know it. Fall’s a great time to bust out the belts and cinch that waist! Not sure where to go? Check out Nordstroms!

New "M"

Got my new Alex and Ani bracelet! Wanted to share!!

yfrog link

I want to apologize to all you who clicked on the yfrog link and got a virus!! yfrog is used by twitter so i thought it was safe to use!! i’ll never use that for uploading images again… so so sorry if you clicked on that link i had off (i took it down now)

Ooh La La!

I’ve been a fan of Ooh La La for years now. Their store in Long Beach, NY carries great finds that you typically won’t find anywhere else. I love shopping there because I feel like I’m buying something unique and special. They carry the type of things that people will stop you in the street [...]


They’re classic, vintage and they’re totally tres cute! I know hats aren’t meant for everyone, but you should at least give Fedoras a try. Fedoras can be worn by both men and women. Back in the day, they were only worn by the guys but now, times have changed and the ladies are rocking the [...]