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Looks like is getting some competition. It’s not the same concept but still pretty cool. is offering members great deals on a variety of items – clothing, beauty items, etc. Like Groupon, the deals expire, but they don’t require a minimum number of members to purchase in order for the deal to be [...]


A hairbrush is a hairbrush. There’s no difference between any of them. Is that what you think? Is that what you’ve heard? Well, I’m hear to tell you that that’s not true! Some hairbrushes are better than others. Some will make your hair shinier and will help dry your hair faster. Some are better for [...]

Little White Dresser

Time for another shout out! Who’s on Etsy? Many many people are buying and selling on Etsy these days. The competition is great out there to make a name for yourself. Everyone wants to get noticed but in a sea of people sometimes it’s hard. I’d like to shine a spotlight on Little White Dresser. [...]

Ojon® oil

When it comes to killing your hair by over processing it, I’m the Queen. I’ve taken my dark brown, corkscrew curls, and transformed them to golden brown and blond straight tresses. I’ve battled my genes in a quest to get looks fitting of any modern magazine. Fine and curly, meets hot and ceramic, my flat [...]

My favorite shampoo and conditioner (for now anyway)

Yeah, so I like to experiment and try new shampoo and conditioner. The latest is S Factor Smoothing formula! I’ve used the Sulfate Free kind back when I had the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done on my hair and loved that so I’m not surprised I love the other kinds too. The shampoo and condition smells [...]

Shaper – My Top Hairspray pick

OK so I’ve never been the biggest fan of using hairspray.. I’ve had bad experiences from being a child of the 80s and being gagged by my older siblings Aqua Net. If you grew up in the 80s you know what I’m talking about! The bigger the hair – the better! I guess you could [...]

press release for

Remember, you heard about it first from us (well maybe)! (beta) is out and news is spreading! Check out the press release on!

Afraid of going bald?

Does hair-loss run in the family? Do you notice your hair thinning? Maybe Botox is for you! Yes, I said botox! haha Apparantly botox can be used not only for your wrinkles but also for your hair! Who would’ve thought?! Check out the complete article below for more details!|main|dl8|link5|

even though christmas and chanukah are over…

Don’t forget about You might be done w/ your holiday shopping but there’s always gifts to be had! Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, or a “just because I love you gift”, wishwonder can help make your gift giving experience a breeze. It’s 100% free so sign up today! [...]

Dry Shampoo

How often do you wash your hair? If you’d like to not have to shower every day or if your hair gets oily quickly, you have to try dry shampoo. No water required! Just spray your hair! It’s so easy. I’ve heard Oscar Blandi makes the best. It’s on my wishlist (hint hint)