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Looks like is getting some competition. It’s not the same concept but still pretty cool. is offering members great deals on a variety of items – clothing, beauty items, etc. Like Groupon, the deals expire, but they don’t require a minimum number of members to purchase in order for the deal to be [...]


Do you take time for yourself? What things do you do to take care of you? Here’s some of ideas: Take care of your skin and get a facial Unwind with a massage Get a mani and a pedi Touch of the roots – get your hair done. Fresh hair dye always does the [...]

press release for

Remember, you heard about it first from us (well maybe)! (beta) is out and news is spreading! Check out the press release on!

lululemon pants

Bought my first pair of lululemon cropped pants and I’m in love! The fabric is amazing; feels like second skin. I bought the extreme running ones.. they have special ventilation in the back of the legs by the knees/calves. Wore them to the gym the other day; did over an hour of cardio and felt [...]


You know that frowning can causing wrinkles and fine lines? I’ve also heard that it takes more muscles to frown that it does to smile so smile more! Why? You might ask? Well, generally speaking, people that are unhappy and stressed tend to be less healthy than those who are happier. Some examples… When you’re [...]

Lunch Breaks

Most people go out to lunch on their lunch breaks. Why not try something different and go to a local gym for your lunch hour? I started doing this recently and I have to say it’s great. You’ll feel better and have more energy to jump start the rest of your day. You’re better off [...]

new site coming…

**Occupational Therapy expert to share advice on** is expected to be the best site for information on occupational therapy. Check the site soon for updates! will give you the latest on this new site.

even though christmas and chanukah are over…

Don’t forget about You might be done w/ your holiday shopping but there’s always gifts to be had! Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, or a “just because I love you gift”, wishwonder can help make your gift giving experience a breeze. It’s 100% free so sign up today! [...]

Finding Opportunities

I know we’re all busy but we can all make time in our day to burn extra calories. The first step is assessing the situation to figure out what can be done. A few examples: You live up the block from 7-eleven. Walk or jog there instead of driving your car. If you have an [...]


Many of us “pigged out” this Thanksgiving. Let’s be honest with ourselves about that. Now’s the time to get up and start moving. People always say “I’ll start Monday” or “I’ll start tomorrow”. Make today your Monday; don’t wait until tomorrow b/c a new excuse will just come up and you’ll catch yourself forever saying [...]