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black friday/cyber thursday

Give thanks and eat your turkey then shop til you drop! Many of the best deals are to be had on cyber Thursday and on black Friday! There are many websites out there that have the ads listed. I’ve been using What’s on your wishlist? Sign up today for

What's on YOUR wishlist?

So there’s a new website out called When you sign up for wishwonder you can create your own wishlist and share it with friends and family who are dying to know what they can get you for your birthday, christmas, chanukah, or whatever holiday you’re celebrating! It makes buying presents so easy. I hear [...]

Reasons for weight loss and living a healthier well-balanced life

Because… “I want to look and feel skinny in my skinny jeans.” “ Cottage cheese is meant for consumption – not meant for my thighs” “ I can pinch more than a few inches (ughh)” “I want to feel confident & sexy in a Victoria’s Secret bikini” “I’m tired of all my past excuses. Tired [...]