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iPhone got a boo boo?

Ladies and Gents, there are now band-aids for the new iPhone! It obviously started out as a joke but now it’s they’re actually being sold to customers! These band-aids are helping the reception problem and people are buying them like crazy. Kudos to the creators of this “fix”. Now my question to you is, are [...]

Website Shout Out

Haven’t done one of my website shout outs in a while. I need to do this more regularly! A big shout out goes out to… drum roll please. hooks users up with really great deals. I just bought a groupon (coupon) and saved lots of money! It gets better – if you refer [...]

Website Shout Out goes to..

I’m going to start doing website shout outs every now and then.. maybe every day.. maybe weekly.. We’ll see! My first shout out goes to a new website called You can find who owns a site – this is known as a who is lookup If you’re looking to buy some internet real estate [...]

BP Oil Spill/Kevin Costner a hero

I just read that Kevin Costner patented a device YEARS ago that separates oil from water w/ a 99.9% success rate! No one wanted to help him fund it back then but Costner was moved to do something after the oil spill in the 80′s. BP just bought 32 oil spill machines from him. It [...]

Want to buy direct?

Audiovox, one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry, is about to go LIVE with their new website. Audiovox Direct will be featuring a lot of great-selling electronics at affordable prices. The URL will be There will be more items and features added to the site in the future, but overall it’s looking [...]

press release for

Remember, you heard about it first from us (well maybe)! (beta) is out and news is spreading! Check out the press release on!

local search BETA went live today, April 1, 2010 They’re joining the world of local search and we here at tres cute are excited about it. Even though it’s in beta mode still, the site has a lot to offer. My prediction is that this will be a very popular site for local search. Check it [...]

Twilight Saga – Eclipse Trailer

Enjoy! Can’t wait for 6-30-10

Robert Pattinson to star in next Spiderman movie?

Not sure if it’s true or not but I was told that Rob Pattinson might be our next friendly neighborhood spiderman… It might just be a rumor going around though. I’d definitely be interesting in seeing it! I’m a fan of the past spiderman movies and I’m a fan of Rob Pattinson soo…. Has anyone [...]