tres cute


Looks like is getting some competition. It’s not the same concept but still pretty cool. is offering members great deals on a variety of items – clothing, beauty items, etc. Like Groupon, the deals expire, but they don’t require a minimum number of members to purchase in order for the deal to be [...]

Fierce Lashes

Bat those lashes ladies! Oh you have gorgeous eyes! The eyes are the window to the soul. You have the eyes of an angel… Yeah, we’ve heard all these lines before at one time or another. It’s fun to play up our eyes and make them pop. Why not make them stand out even more [...]

Ooh La La!

I’ve been a fan of Ooh La La for years now. Their store in Long Beach, NY carries great finds that you typically won’t find anywhere else. I love shopping there because I feel like I’m buying something unique and special. They carry the type of things that people will stop you in the street [...]


They’re classic, vintage and they’re totally tres cute! I know hats aren’t meant for everyone, but you should at least give Fedoras a try. Fedoras can be worn by both men and women. Back in the day, they were only worn by the guys but now, times have changed and the ladies are rocking the [...]

Some Things That are HOT Now

Have you ventured into the military style of clothing? Well, it’s hot right now! I’m not all about trying every new trend but this is one that I might get into. Check out the link below from for some photos of these military style looks such as dresses, jackets, and pants. Other things [...]

Alex and Ani

I’m loving Alex and Ani bracelets! They’re eco-friendly and super stylish. I have a small wrist and sometimes it’s hard to find a bracelet that fits right – NOT a problem with Alex and Ani’s bracelets! You can adjust the size so that it can fit on you. – – – PERFECT I started my [...]

Essie does it again

Essie always comes out with great nail polish colors in the summer. This summer they did it again. If you haven’t seen them already – you have to check it out! I particularly love the Resort Collection! I’m going to try every color this summer. Every pedicure to be had will be a different [...]

Keeping a Tan

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard for me to keep my tan.. It stays for a bit but then my skin peels and the tan fades. If you’re like me and want your tan to last longer, check out Australian Gold’s Tan Extender lotion. It smells AMAZING and feels great on the [...]

Want to buy direct?

Audiovox, one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry, is about to go LIVE with their new website. Audiovox Direct will be featuring a lot of great-selling electronics at affordable prices. The URL will be There will be more items and features added to the site in the future, but overall it’s looking [...]

press release for

Remember, you heard about it first from us (well maybe)! (beta) is out and news is spreading! Check out the press release on!