tres cute

Bailey Button Uggs

L-O-V-E my UGGS! So many great & comfortable styles to choose from. Ugg Australia did it again.. Love the news look for the Bailey Button Uggs. Haven’t seen it? Check it out!

Apple releases new iPad

Apple does it again! They released their new computer tablet called the iPad. The iPad looks like a giant iPhone/iPod Touch. It appears to have a lot of those same capabilities plus much more. Comes w/ Safari, Mail, iphoto, video, youtube, ipod, iTunes, maps JUST to name a FEW. I’m most excited about the iBook [...]

Afraid of going bald?

Does hair-loss run in the family? Do you notice your hair thinning? Maybe Botox is for you! Yes, I said botox! haha Apparantly botox can be used not only for your wrinkles but also for your hair! Who would’ve thought?! Check out the complete article below for more details!|main|dl8|link5|

even though christmas and chanukah are over…

Don’t forget about You might be done w/ your holiday shopping but there’s always gifts to be had! Whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day, or a “just because I love you gift”, wishwonder can help make your gift giving experience a breeze. It’s 100% free so sign up today! [...]

Are you a Twihard?

Have you read the Twilight saga books? Have you seen the movies? Are you obsessed with them?! If you answered yes to these questions, you are indeed a Twihard. For all my Twihards out there. Check out They have really great Twilight stuff. I love the Christmas ornaments!

Dry Shampoo

How often do you wash your hair? If you’d like to not have to shower every day or if your hair gets oily quickly, you have to try dry shampoo. No water required! Just spray your hair! It’s so easy. I’ve heard Oscar Blandi makes the best. It’s on my wishlist (hint hint)

black friday/cyber thursday

Give thanks and eat your turkey then shop til you drop! Many of the best deals are to be had on cyber Thursday and on black Friday! There are many websites out there that have the ads listed. I’ve been using What’s on your wishlist? Sign up today for

What's on YOUR wishlist?

So there’s a new website out called When you sign up for wishwonder you can create your own wishlist and share it with friends and family who are dying to know what they can get you for your birthday, christmas, chanukah, or whatever holiday you’re celebrating! It makes buying presents so easy. I hear [...]

Fall for Boots!

I love the fall season! The leaves changing colors, the crisp air, busting out the boots from the closet! There’s so many styles of boots out there – knee boots, calf boots, booties, high heel boots, slouchy ones, cowboy ones, crocheted ones, waterproof.. the list goes on. Here are some of my favorites. What are [...]