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You know that frowning can causing wrinkles and fine lines?
I’ve also heard that it takes more muscles to frown that it does to smile so smile more!
Why? You might ask? Well, generally speaking, people that are unhappy and stressed tend to be less healthy than those who are happier.

Some examples…
When you’re stressed you might grind your teeth. This causes pains in the muscles in the jaw, which can lead to a hefty bill at the dentist for a mouth guard..

When you’re stressed, that effects your cortisol levels and can even make you gain weight

Many people that worry and stress get ulcers…

Many (and i’m not saying all people) who are sad, stressed, anxious, etc., make poor choices with their diets.
I’m not saying that if you’re happy all the time that you will definitely be healthy BUT it definitely does help

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