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Foundation – So many out there but which one is right for you?

Like many of you, I’ve tried many different foundations.
I love makeup and am always interested in the latest and greatest.
Smashbox products rock my world and I’m obsessed with Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer – It’s a definite must have in my makeup bag.

Currently I’m using Halo by Smashbox as my foundation. I’m a huge fan of this powder/mineral foundation. This foundation doesn’t provide the ultimate in coverage however. Even though I do love it, I’m starting a hunt for a new full coverage foundation and thought I’d bring you along for the ride. I’m not throwing out the Halo; just adding another one to my list. I’m going to focus on liquid foundations this time.

I’ll be making a trip to Macys most likely later this week.
First stop Bobbi Brown – heard a good tip about her new foundation – Luminous Moisturizing Foundation!

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  1. Comment by mary on October 15, 2009 11:58 am

    Made a trip to the Bobbi Brown counter. Her “Skin Foundation” is great – felt good on my skin, no funky smell, and blended perfect.

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