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Two great summer scents

Two great summer scents

Bright Crystal by Versace
Envy Me by Gucci

Unlike most girls I know, I’m not a “vanilla” fan. I prefer light scents that can be described as floral or clean. While I can appreciate more “woodsy” and “mature” scents, I really like perfumes that make me feel flirty, girly and sexy.
That being said, I have fallen head over heel for Bright Crystal by Versace and Envy Me by Gucci.
The last time I received as many compliments on how I smelled, was when I made Estee Lauders “Pleasures” my signature scent over 5 years ago.
The bottles for both these perfumes are “tres cute” as well. I get a sense of satisfaction seeing them on my dresser. Call me silly, but I appreciate creative and pretty packaging.
These two scents can be described as fresh, foral, and fun. Everything that summer should be!
The only “downer” to Envy Me is that it doesn’t linger as long as I’d like, but it would be perfect to wear on a date.
I would also warn you not to over do “Bright Crystal” It may be floral, but it is strong, and you don’t need more then two sprits to be noticed.
I highly encourage you head down to your local perfume counter and sample these two scents. I can guarantee you will fall in love with one, or both!

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