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spreading the awkwardness

I recently heard of and had to check it out.
It’s hilarious! It’s a website full of awkward family photos and stories.
The site is broken down by celebrities, birthdays, graduation, weddings – just to name a few!

So what are you waiting for? I’m sure you have an awkward photo that you’d like to submit?!

p.s. The pregnancy ones are SO awkward.. what’s wrong w/ some people???

Pandora – not the music station

Have you heard of Pandora? No, not the music website (even though I’m a HUGE fan).
I’m talking about Pandora jewelry! If you haven’t, you need to go online
or go to your local Pandora store. They are most known for their charm bracelets. Charm bracelets were very popular “back in the day” but now they’re back in style. Pandora charms and bracelets are classy and special. The bracelets look good by themselves without charms too.

A pandora bracelet is a great gift idea! You can give someone a bracelet and a charm or two and then they can build to the bracelet or you can buy that person a new charm for every birthday/holiday.
They have a wide array of charms to choose from too! Birthday cakes to halloween charms; silver and gold plated.

Pandora gives you a lot of bracelets to choose from! Two toned, silver, silver oxidized, 14K gold, 18K gold, 18K white gold, leather too!
I heard that you shouldn’t overload the leather bracelets with too many charms though.

If you go to a Pandora store, their staff can assist you with your purchases by giving great advice and even creating a custom piece for you or your loved one.

Audiovox Portable DVD Player w/ FLOTV!

Audiovox, one of the leaders in the portable dvd player industry (as well as other consumer electronics), has just come out w/ what I think will be a HUGE success! They’ve partnered w/ FLO TV to bring us a PDVD w/ Live TV.

It’s really a great idea and I think it’ll be a great gift to buy for your loved ones this upcoming holiday season! (Yes, I did just reference the holidays and I know it’s August) Perfect for people that are on the go and for children during those long car drives. recently gave a detailed review of the new product. Check it out for more information!

Little White Dresser

Time for another shout out!
Who’s on Etsy? Many many people are buying and selling on Etsy these days. The competition is great out there to make a name for yourself. Everyone wants to get noticed but in a sea of people sometimes it’s hard. I’d like to shine a spotlight on Little White Dresser.

Check out her collection here.

She makes gorgeous jewelry and accessories for brides! You might be saying, I’m not a bride.. BUT guess what? Chances are that you know a bride or something that will be one! Oh and her collection isn’t only for brides! I’d wear her stuff any day of the week.

Belt up!

Are you a belt wearer? You either are or you’re not.

Why not try it?! The fall season will be here before you know it. Fall’s a great time to bust out the belts and cinch that waist!

Not sure where to go? Check out Nordstroms!

New "M"

Got my new Alex and Ani bracelet!

Wanted to share!!

yfrog link

I want to apologize to all you who clicked on the yfrog link and got a virus!!
yfrog is used by twitter so i thought it was safe to use!!

i’ll never use that for uploading images again…

so so sorry if you clicked on that link i had off (i took it down now)

Fierce Lashes

Bat those lashes ladies!

Oh you have gorgeous eyes!

The eyes are the window to the soul.

You have the eyes of an angel…

Yeah, we’ve heard all these lines before at one time or another. It’s fun to play up our eyes and make them pop. Why not make them stand out even more with false (fake) eyelashes?! There’s tons of brands out there – you can even get a cheap pair at your local drugstore.

I’ve heard fabulous things about Smoke and Mirrors Beauty and their lashes. They have a variety of styles to choose from – which is my favorite part! You want to go w/ the Chicago? How about the Miami? NYC lashes? Then there’s my favorite – The Nashville Lashes!

Ooh La La!

Ooh la la fire island store

I’ve been a fan of Ooh La La for years now. Their store in Long Beach, NY carries great finds that you typically won’t find anywhere else.

I love shopping there because I feel like I’m buying something unique and special. They carry the type of things that people will stop you in the street and ask, “Where’d you get that?” I had the pleasure of visiting their Fire Island, NY location last weekend. It’s a much smaller store than the LB one but it’s filled with fabulous things nonetheless.

The next time you make a trip out to Fire Island in Ocean Beach, go to Ooh La La!

photo taken by allison russo – thanks ;)

SHOUT OUT for today

It’s nice to give shout outs.. makes people aware of things that maybe they had no clue existed.

Today I’d like to give a shout out to…
Why? Because 1) It’s a great domain
2) It’s going to be the next big site for bloggers and you should be a part of it
3) It’s FREE
4) It’s super easy to use!