Do you use cosmetic brushes for applying makeup?
If your answer is No – You should be!

Using cosmetic brushes makes your makeup look more polished and you’ll be happier with the end results.
What are you using to apply foundation? A foundation brush? A sponge? Your hands?
Sponges aren’t good because you end up using more foundation than necessary due to the sponge soaking it up.
Hands aren’t good because it just makes things more messy. I’d use my hands before a sponge any day though.
Foundation brushes are perfect because it doesn’t soak up the foundation like a sponge, it keeps your hands clean, and you get to be the “artist”. It’s important to keep your brushes clean. Warm water and soap will do the trick. Make sure to let it air dry. Don’t use a blowdryer- not smart. Stores do sell special cleaners for brushes and those work well too but if you’re on a budget, no need to buy it.

When you apply eyeshadow do you use the applicator that comes with it (if it comes with one)?
I used to use those applicators and was never completely happy with the end results. My makeup never looked as good as it could.
Buying a set of cosmetic brushes was one of the smarter purchases. Since I started using proper brushes, I’ve gotten more compliments and my makeup looks so much better.

Brushes can run you a lot of money though so shop around for good prices and good quality. Feel the the brush before you buy to make sure bristles feel right and aren’t coarse. Sephora sells some great brushes. So I’d say that’s a good place to start.

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