Ojon® oil

When it comes to killing your hair by over processing it, I’m the Queen. I’ve taken my dark brown, corkscrew curls, and transformed them to golden brown and blond straight tresses.

I’ve battled my genes in a quest to get looks fitting of any modern magazine. Fine and curly, meets hot and ceramic, my flat iron wins every time.

I finally after 4 yrs of coloring, I decided to go back to brown, and give my hair such much needed R&R. While coloring it darker helped restore some shine, I needed more.

I came across Ojon® oil at a local Ulta, and decided to give it a try.

While the price made me balk ($20 for the smallest jar, $50 for something barely double the size) I was desperate for something to help restore moisture to my badly parched locks.

Ojon® oil is highly-concentrated hair and scalp treatment, Ojon® claims to hydrates dry, damaged hair.

I took my little jar home in hopes of a miracle. I measured out the specified amount and slathering it on my very dry hair. I put a shower cap on and went to bed (taking extra precaution by putting a towel on my pillow case)

The next morning I showered, and washed my hair (using my normal shampoo and conditioner) Now the test, would my hair look any better when I tried to straighten it?

45 mins later SUCCESS. My hair looked shiner and was visibly smoother. My fly always diminished and there was a healthier look to it as well.

I recommend this product to other process-aholics. I would suggest buying the smallest jar, and giving it a try. At the very least it restores shine, and at the most it disguises some of the damage that comes with passionately owning styling tools

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  1. it washes out with the shampoo, but it’s a deep conditioner. don’t be scared off by the oily nature of the product when applying.

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