Do you take time for yourself? What things do you do to take care of you?

Here’s some of ideas:

  • Take care of your skin and get a facial
  • Unwind with a massage
  • Get a mani and a pedi
  • Touch of the roots – get your hair done. Fresh hair dye always does the trick!
  • Drink water – hydrate your body
  • Cuddle on the couch and watch movies
  • Eat healthy foods and take vitamins (you’ll feel so much better)
  • Ride a bike!
  • Take a bath (with bubbles of course)
  • Read an amazing book
  • Play video games (who says they’re just for kids?)
  • S T R E T C H
  • Pray
  • Find something that makes you laugh (a lot)
  • Go to bed early

This weekend, try to do a couple of things off this list and take care of you.

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